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Luxury Spas at Factory Direct Prices

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Relax. Heal. Energize. All in the comfort of your backyard

Whether you’re looking to heal your aching muscles, get in a quick swim, or simply wind down with the family after a long day… Deckcetera’s luxury hot tubs and spas are built for comfort and longevity, giving you peace of mind on your investment with a more affordable price tag than other hot tub companies. Serving Southern Manitoba from Winnipeg, Steinbach, Selkirk, and everywhere in between, we provide quality products and hot tub installation to the local area.

Affordable, Quality Spas with No Surprises

We believe in transparency. Often when you purchase luxury items you end up paying for the brand more than the quality, leaving you with a larger bill, despite having the same quality of product. With Deckcetera there are no surprises. Our hot tubs are made of the same quality materials you would expect with any luxury product, using a stainless steel frame that won't rust or rot, and is able to withstand our tough Manitoba weather. All our affordable hot tubs include a cover, steps, and three months of chemicals to get you started. With hot tub installation, we are available to answer any of your questions or provide an estimate to get you ready to enjoy your hot tub. No hidden fees, no fluff, just the products and services you need.

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Located in Steinbach at 114 Millwork Drive

Office Hours: please call for appointment

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What Sets Us Apart

PRICE. Just because it’s luxury, doesn’t mean it has to be out of reach. We’ll let you in on an industry secret, nearly all hot tubs are created equal. Meaning, if you are paying more with one company compared to another, you are likely paying for the brand, not a superior product. We're cutting out the middleman to provide you with affordable hot tubs and spas that are the same high quality you'd expect from any other luxury brand on the market.

SERVICE. Our service to our customers is of highest importance to us, but it's the after-sale care we really pride ourselves in. We don't just drop off your tub or spa....we follow up to ensure everything has been installed accurately and you are getting the most enjoyment possible out of your new addition.


We have you covered with our 2 year warranty on electronics and 5 year warranty on the hot tub!

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